The Official Knight Hoodie

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Detachable Helmet Piece!
+10 to Awesomeness!
Holy Crap are those Gauntlets?

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• Are you constantly having to battle foes and rescue damsels in distress?

• Do you want an outfit that offers +resistance to cold, without penalising your cool score?

• Having a look to make your life just that little bit more… AWESOME?

You’ve been waiting for it, and here it is-
Introducing The Official Knight Hoodie- Medieval Ware for the Modern Man.

Joust, battle Saxons, high five a fellow Bro, or just rock around town in this modern plate armour. Fully retractable face plate and visor hood keeps the wearer ready for anything, whilst the fixed breast plate, spauldrons, and elbow couters add elements of style and strength from an age long past.

• Made of Cotton, with a serged interior for professional quality, and reinforced stitching on all armored pieces for durability.

The Modern Knight is Brave, Chivalrous, & Bold. Are you a Modern Knight? Wear this noble Armour and prove your courage to friends & family alike.


Fitting Instructions: Please note that because of the armoured nature of our Hoodies we have designed them to have a quite smaller Hood than normal so that they may be able to fit the contours of the wearers head and resemble a Helmet, not a baggy, shape concealing hood. Because of this whilst the Hood is still perfectly comfortable to wear, it may feel a little different than expected because of this design.
Please use the Size Chart/Measurements in our Photo Gallery when purchasing and at all times remember the fact that if your chosen size is not comfortable, or there are any other issues with fitting, just let us know and we will be able to be more than happy to exchange them for another size 🙂

Detachable Helmet Piece!
+10 to Awesomeness!
Holy Crap are those Gauntlets?
Perfect Gift for Gamers

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